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Do Not Take A Slip-And-Fall Lightly

Any city you live in can have their own slip-and-fall hazards, and California is no exception. When a trip hazard if on a person’s property, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain their property to ensure that no one is at risk of bodily injury on it. Here at the Law Offices of Chris Yturralde, I know how much even a small fall can threaten a victim, and I know how to help you.

Most people would not expect that a slip and fall can result in a broken leg or hip in even the healthiest people, but all it takes is one moment of being off your guard as you fall, and your health, job and future are at risk. When you suffer an injury like this, you need to be ready to negotiate, or even fight, for your best possible recovery, which is exactly why you need an attorney.

Let An Experienced Attorney Handle Your Case For You

Any kind of major injury threatens more than just your health. The time you spend recovering costs you money on medical bills, but also in lost income. When you consider both of these costs, a simple slip can cost you twice as much as you expected.

Despite this, the insurance providers you work with for your compensation are likely going to offer you compensation that is less than the cost of your injuries. Thankfully, you can negotiate for better compensation, and you can let an attorney do it for you. I know how to negotiate for the optimal compensation, so you are in the best possible position to recover from your injuries.

Begin Pursuing A Fair Compensation Today

The sooner you take action to receive compensation, the better for your case. Contact my office today. I serve clients across Imperial County and East San Diego County with my years of experience. If you need a compassionate and dedicated personal injury attorney, call me at 760-235-4480 to schedule your free initial consultation today.