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Now assisting select clients with the quickly evolving and challenging legal issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic including but not limited to employment related matters, enforcement or cancellation of contracts, loan agreements, mortgages where performance is threatened by COVID-19 because of (1) impossibility of performance, (2) frustration of contractual purpose and (3) force majeure contract clauses which excuse performance due to civil emergencies beyond the parties’ control. Criminal Law rights.

Seasoned Legal Representation 

You can count on the Law Offices of Chris Yturralde to provide knowledgeable criminal defense for DUI, misdemeanors, felony charges, driver’s license suspension as well as skilled personal injury advocacy tailored to your needs. 


Personal Injury

Car accidents, sexual battery, government torts, wrongful death and more.

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Drug Charges

Changing laws can be confusing on your own.

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 Helping you mitigate harsh penalties.

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Criminal Defense

 You have a right to an attorney in your corner.

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Driver’s License Suspension

Protect your driving privileges.

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Domestic Violence

When misunderstandings lead to an arrest.

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Sex Crimes

Representing the accused or the abused.

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Child Sexual Abuse

The statutes are being updated.

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Winning Strategies In English And In Spanish

The legal system is hard enough to understand. But if English is not your first language, it can be even more difficult and confusing. I am attorney Chris Yturralde, and I am fluent in Spanish and English. I have provided clients with experienced criminal defense representation for many years. I know how the system works and how to represent my clients effectively to protect their freedom and reputation as well as minimize the potential harsh penalties they are contending with.

Imperial County And East San Diego County’s Resource For Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Solutions.

When Your Case Requires Experience And Compassion

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I Understand The Culture And Have Ties To The Community

I grew up in this area and I get it. If you are facing charges for suspicion of a crime, you will need an attorney who understands you and your neighborhood.


 “Chris is an excellent attorney! Handled everything above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommended.” – TC, Sept. 2019

 “Chris exceeded my expectations. Not only was he always willing to answer my questions in a timely manner but he was able to settle my case with a favorable outcome. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a straight forward, honest, trustworthy attorney. Oh, and he even gave me a little advice about my golf game.” – Jonathan Adams, March 2019

 “I am very satisfied with Chris Yturralde performance in my case. At the beginning of my case, Chris was very clear with my options. I can say that he is a very honest, experienced, and knowledgeable lawyer. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who needs guidance and to be represented by him according to the client’s case. Chris Yturralde will do his best to defend your case.” – Gonzalo Villegas, Feb. 2019