Defending You Against Domestic Violence Charges

Arrested for domestic assault? If you have been charged with domestic abuse, you need experienced legal counsel on your side. I am attorney Chris Yturralde. I serve clients throughout Imperial and East San Diego counties with dedicated and knowledgeable legal representation in domestic assault cases. Domestic violence charges need to be taken seriously. I can help you build a strong defense. Call me at 760-235-4480 to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation.


Consequences Are Harsh And Immediate

A domestic assault conviction can result in the loss of basic rights and has severe consequences, including:

  • Prohibited from having a firearm
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Deportation
  • Loss of custody or significant parenting time with your children

I have more than two decades of experience in criminal law and will aggressively defend your rights and protect your family.

Domestic Abuse Charges Do Not Always Involve Intimate Couples

Domestic violence charges are not always just between intimate couples, like husband and wife. Domestic assault charges can be for alleged assaults against children, parents and even roommates. These cases are also always emotionally charged and require a lawyer who can protect your rights but also provide you with the counseling you need to move forward without tearing your family apart. I help my clients find creative solutions to these family problems while protecting their rights. Contact me today to learn more.

Contact Me If You Have Been Accused Of Spousal Abuse

If you have been arrested for domestic assault, call 760-235-4480 or send me an email to schedule your free initial consultation and learn your rights.

While I am not licensed in Arizona or Mexico, I do assist residents of those communities with court cases that take place in California.